Melody/Anthony short drabble

Anthony was walking home in a dark, cold night of Manhattan. He has been out for a while because it was that day. April 22nd. The day his parents never forget. 

Rory and Amy Williams told many wonders about world to him when he was young. All the bedtime stories of a man, a box, and everything that had ever happened over ever will in the whole of the universe. He used to dream about those wonderful adventures with the man. There were no such things as impossible. 

His mother would sometimes recite a poem. It was called ‘A Good Man Goes to War’. His father would join in, telling him what they went through. Reptile humans (‘Silurians’, his parents called them) with swords, his own father in Roman suit, armies organized with alien spieces, the man with a blue box who went to the war to save his mother.

And his mother, tears in her eyes, mentioned a girl. Baby girl.

Melody was her name.

She was his sister.

Anthony never had any siblings. Before he knew he was adopted, he used to complain about not having a brother or a sister. His mother looked sad and was about to burst into tears when father quietly explained to him that mother can’t have children. Anymore.

And April 22nd came. As always. Every year, every April 22nd his parents would buy a small treat to him and have a cake. Anthony was happy about this tradition, but never understood what it really meant. His parents would whisper ‘Happy Anniversary’ to each other and cry. Anthony knew their parent’s anniversary was June 26th, so he wondered what kind of anniversary this was.

"A special one, Anthony. A very special one indeed."

His father said that it was a day that the man died. A day the man survived. A day he watched his daughter get married to a man. Mother didn’t say anything and leaned against her husband.

But as Anthony grew older, he didn’t spare much time to those stories. He considered them surreal although he believed in his parents. Still, Anthony was not drawn to bedtime stories anymore. And he refused to join the celebration of April 22nd that day. He was a grown up. He chose to leave his parents alone.

As he was getting closer to his home, a young girl approached to him. She looked… well, raggedy. And hurt.

"Are you alright?"


"It’s time young girls went home."

"I don’t have home."


"But it’s fine. I’ll find one soon."

"Yeah, I hope so."

The girl smiled. Anthony smiled back.

"Bye, take care."


Then Anthony stepped away from her, heading towards his home.

"Uh, sorry, but what year is this?"

"Huh? What do you mean? You’re not drunk or something?"

"No, no, just, you know, I get lost in my thoughts."

"1969. The year of moon."

"1969. New York."

"April 22nd, if you’re wondering."

"April 22nd of 1969, in New York."

"That’s right."

"Thank you, uh-"

"Anthony. Anthony Williams."

"Nice meeting you. Anthony."

The girl smiled again. Although he wasn’t 100% sure, Anthony felt something was drawing him towards this girl. This mysterious, young girl who happens to ask him what year this is, on April 22nd.

'When someone asks you the date, make sure he or she is not a time traveller.' His mother's half-joking voice echoed in his mind.

"And what’s your name?"

Anthony asked, half doubting. It couldn’t be possible, all those stories- he thought they were fictional. They had to be. They weren’t realistic. No realistic at all.

"Melody Pond."

Anthony slowly stepped back. This was impossible. No, it was just his weird dreams, hallucinations-

The girl’s hands were glowing. Bright gold, splitting the darkness among the sky of Manhattan.

"Mum! Dad!!"

Anthony yelled as he ran to his home. There she was, Melody Pond, his parents’ long gone daughter, his sister, right in front of him.

"What is it, dear?"

"It’s her, I saw her- Melody. She’s real. She’s out there."

"Of course she’s real, Anthony."

"Yes, and she’s right out there, in streets, you can see her now-"

Amelia and Rory Williams stood in front of excited man, sad smile on their face.

"We can’t."

"What do you mean? She’s there, and she was hurt- God, we have to help her."

"We can’t, Anthony."

"Why? She’s your daughter! My sister!"

"If we see her, the timelines are crossed and we will cause paradox which will reap New York apart."

"But- but she’s there, Mum, Melody- a young girl- she’s hurt!"

"Yes I know, she’s hurt because- because I shot her!"

Amy yelled in a teary voice. Anthony collapsed, tears in his eyes. Rory knelt beside him, patting his shoulder.

"See, this can never work. And it hurts. You can’t imagine how it hurts for us. Everytime we see a little bit of trace of the Doctor, or Melody, or events we were involved, we feel a rush to get over there and save everyone who we couldn’t at that time, but we can’t. That’s it. This is it. This is how it should end."

Anthony sobbed. He didn’t know why it hurt so much- his sister he never even considered real suddenly appeared, and she was dying.

"Is there nothing I can do?"

Rory stroked young man’s hair softly when Amy suddenly yelped and brought out a piece of paper and a pen.

"Yes, Anthony, listen carefully and tell nothing else to Melody than what I’m about to tell you now. We can’t tell her, or even meet her at this time but you can. You will give her this-" Amy scribbled something on paper. "and you will say you love her. Can you do that?"

"But… but she’s dying, she was shot, and something started to happen to her body."

"Yes, she would look different when you go back, but she’s completely fine. Now, can you do this for us?"

Anthony was handed the paper that read: Leadworth. U.K. Find Amelia Pond and Rory Williams.

And he bursted out from his home, running to the street where he found his sister, who was just examining herself.

"Melody, right?"

"Yes, yes, I think. I don’t know. Not yet. Anthony, was it?"

"Yes. here."

Anthony gave the little girl the paper and a big hug.


"Oof! Well, hello."

"Melody. Know that I love you."


"I do. I really do."

And Anthony started running, leaving blank Melody staring at his back.

I really mean it, he thought. Sister.

There was nothing impossible with the man. Only the man himself. And Anthony Brian Williams learned something important that day. April 22nd, 1969, he learned that reality isn’t realistic at all.


In the middle of writing this, I realized that last half of 601 and 602 happened on April 8th, not 22nd, but well… deal with it.

And I did use some lines from EOT 10/Rose scene. I regret nothing.

I hope you liked it. :)

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